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Sep. 08, 2008 – Congratulations Karen. It's all smart, sexy sounding and has a great beat! Well done.

          Dana Flavelle – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sep. 08, 2008 – Wow! Very nice. I'm sending in an order for a complete CD, and I've shared the link with several friends.

          Congratulations, Karen!  Carolyn Johnstone – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Sep. 08, 2008 – Great seeing you. Comment ca va? Your French song was a nice touch! Are you planning to release this

          album in Quebec? Enjoyed hearing you sing again.  Art Appelberg – Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Sep. 08, 2008 – Hey Karen – Congratulations! That’s great news – I know you must have worked hard at it, must be a

          nice feeling to have it finished and in your hands (and the marketplace) now. Best of luck with it – we’ll look

          forward to listening to it.  Dan Johnstone – Markham, Ontario, Canada

Sep. 08, 2008 – Hi Karen, Many thanks and Many congrats... We have to get together soon to celebrate. I am so thrilled

          for you. What a labour of love.  Cynthia Lee Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sep. 09, 2008 – Thanks Karen! Gerry and I were just giving it a listen. It sounds wonderful and it's great to hear you

          sing again! I will order a copy for sure. Thanks and all the best with the launching of the CD!

          Laura Bell – Welland, Ontario, Canada

Sep. 11, 2008 – I think this is the first fan letter I've ever written. Congratulations Karen. Great hooks and vocals. I'd

          love to hear these songs performed live!  Paul Rogers – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sep. 29, 2008 – Dear Karen, Congratulations! We're sure this will be a success! I'm forwarding your web site to friends

          and family.  Let us know if you have a live club date -- we'd love to attend!

          Judy and Bob Heuman – Toronto, Ontario, Canada








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