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       Reviews of Damsel in Distress CD

“There are palpable influences of torchy divas like Laura Nyro and Linda Ronstadt.  Some of the songs are poignant, as is the title track, Damsel In Distress, as well as my favourite, the hauntingly unforgettable, In Love's Favour. Other songs are witty and "fun-poking" such as the blues-influenced, Love By Numbers, which is set in a nightclub and done with audience participation. To me, the marvel is that Karen Gold composed and performed all these songs and arrangements, playing all the instruments herself. She sings all the lead vocals and harmony backups too. Her lyrics are sensitive, insightful, and always so clearly crafted. The entire Damsel in Distress album was recorded and engineered by Karen, at her own home studio in Toronto and only the final mixing was done elsewhere. All of this yields to the listener a relentless authenticity that is worth so much to those of us who yearn for it, in the output of artists.” 

David-Paul Erhart,

The Inner Bouquet

Montreal, QC

 “It's all smart, sexy sounding and has a great beat! Well done.”

     Dana Flavelle,


Toronto, ON

“Love the artwork on the cover of the CD. Love the lyrics and theme of the CD. Really had fun with "Love By The Numbers”. Love the lyrical ideas and development in ALL the songs. Really enjoyed it!”

Jim Crocini


Kelowna, BC

“Am really enjoying it. Love her voice. The musical arrangements are wonderful. Wonderful singing, wonderful music.”

Duke Walls,


Hana, Hawaii

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